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There are 24 hours in a day, obviously. But did you know I’m committing to writing 24 blog posts in 2024? I know! Impressive, or

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Postcards from the Isle of Wight

Just five miles…

… and it felt like we were in a different world! It was a weird feeling to be so close to home, but so remote

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Big writing thrill

I had one of my happy moments the other day. I’d just spent a couple of hours at a ‘meet the author’ event – the

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Facing your fears

One minute I’m sitting quietly at my desk, struggling with the concept of trying to promote myself, the next I’m being invited to do a

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Jane’s back!

By popular request (well, a few of you have asked) I’m super excited to say that I’ve started work on Book Five in the DCI

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Brain block

I’ve just got back from five days away in the campervan, when among other things, I… sat in the sun (okay, the shade, mainly); found

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AI scares me!

I decided to test out AI using the Bing search engine. I asked the unseen mega-brain to ‘write a haiku about writing’. Roughly two seconds

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