AI scares me!


I decided to test out AI using the Bing search engine.

I asked the unseen mega-brain to ‘write a haiku about writing’.

Roughly two seconds later, there was the response.


Words flow from the mind

Creating worlds and stories

Writing is magic


Admittedly not the finest haiku ever written, but don’t you think it’s scary?

Now, my laptop can be creative, saving me the effort.

I could probably ask it to write a blog post about AI and it would no doubt come up with something better than this.

What next? An entire book? A poetry collection?

It’s sci fi made real, and you can see where this is going, can’t you?

How long before the creative force within us starts to decay because it’s easier

to pluck words and ideas from the computer-Cloud?

How long before the first AI book is on the shelves? Or have plenty of them been published already?

All I can do is promise that I will continue writing the less than perfect stuff my own brain pours out, and you’ll just have to trust me!