Big writing thrill


I had one of my happy moments the other day.

I’d just spent a couple of hours at a ‘meet the author’ event – the first one I’ve ever done. It was good to meet other writers as much as anything, and to discover that my book pile stacked up pretty well against theirs! And to be able to chat to readers interested enough to linger at my table.

But the best bit came much later, when I was driving away through town (Ryde on the Isle of Wight) and I saw a woman I’d met earlier carrying the two books she’d bought from me.

It sounds odd even as I write this, but it gave me a thrill to see my books out in the big wide world, on their way to a new home.

I’ve been asking myself why ever since.

Maybe it gave me a feeling of connection that writers often miss because we get so lost in the make believe worlds we create. Maybe it was just pride that my books are out in the world rather than standing on crowded shelves waiting to be noticed.

Whatever the reason, that brief encounter through my car window goes down as A Big Writing Thrill!

The books she chose were The Waves of Change, and my short story collection, Postcards From The Island. Go to heatonwilsonbooks.com to buy Postcards, and to your favourite bookshop or online retailer for The Waves of Change.