Facing your fears


One minute I’m sitting quietly at my desk, struggling with the concept of trying to promote myself, the next I’m being invited to do a book signing at Waterstones, the Isle of Wight’s biggest bookshop, AND I’m told there’s a space for me at a Meet The Author event in Ryde next week.

Now I’m sitting at my desk, making lists of things I need to prepare/remember/check – should I take spare pens? do I need a banner? should I sign with my favourite fountain pen, or a biro? will anyone actually come? – and feeling quietly nervous.

I don’t know why I should be scared. I’m used to speaking in public: I do occasional appearances as Charles Dickens, and I’ve performed in loads of stage plays.

I suppose it’s that fear of the unknown that hits so many of us and holds us back.

Being repeatedly told ‘you’ll be fine – nothing to worry about’ doesn’t help at all, does it?

But never mind. I’m sure they’re right.

It’s all about facing your fears.

I’ll be fine. Nothing to worry about.