I’m Kevin, author, currently living on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

My new series about a fictional seaside town of Whistle Bay, has just been released, with Book 1 about Sam. Sam is transformed by art; his young head is turned by women; but there’s always a lurking sense of guilt about a promise made to his dying father

I’ve also written a crime fiction series featuring the nice, tough, feisty DCI Jane Birchfield set in and around the Manchester area, where I grew up. Jane and her team investigate a string of murders set in the Manchester suburbs and beyond. With gripping storylines, subtle and sudden twists that draw you in, you’ll be kept guessing throughout.

Every Reason is Jane’s first murder investigation. It takes her into a world of press and politics, as her search for the killer leads to France, and Westminster

Whatever It Takes sees Jane facing a series of personal challenges, as she takes charge of her toughest murder investigation yet.

In Retribution, Jane is tested to the absolute limit as an ex-soldier is mown down in a brutal hit and run.

The fourth book in the series, Beneath The Surface is about an incident with a tractor in an idyllic village sparks a chain reaction of events. There are secrets buried in Cardale, and they’re about to come spilling out.

Kevin Wilson Author
Whistle Bay - The Waves of Change



The Waves of Change: Sam’s Story’ is Book One of an absorbing new Whistle Bay series.


Postcards From the Island

A beautiful collection of short stories set on the Isle of Wight

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