Waves of Change

Set by the seaside; Sam is transformed by art; his young head is turned by women; but there’s always a lurking sense of guilt about a promise made to his dying father, who spent his life renting out deckchairs and being loyal to his friends and associates. Will Lindsay, and art, change him forever, or will his past life keep dragging him back?


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Young Sam Taverner is desperate to fulfil the promise he made to his dying father to keep the family deckchair rental business going. Everyone told him he’d never make it, and he’s beginning to think they were right. The beach is as empty as his cash box, and the future looks bleak.

Then his sheltered life in Whistle Bay comes to a dramatic end when he meets Lindsay, a larger-than-life artist from London. When she rents a deckchair to do some sketches, Sam is smitten, and decides to try painting too.

Her arrival and his newfound love of art spark a sequence of events that breathes new life into the town and exposes him to people and situations he has never faced before.

Will Lindsay, and art, change him forever, or will his past life keep dragging him back?


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